3Ball Productions was founded in
March of 2001 by long-time
associates J.D. Roth and Todd
Nelson. Located on the Raleigh
Studios lot in Manhattan Beach,
California, 3Ball has earned the
reputation as one of the most
successful and sought after reality
television companies in Hollywood.
In September 2006, 3Ball
Productions became a member of
Eyeworks Group.

Committed to producing television that is not only appealing but of superior quality, 3Ball shows have been nominated for four Emmy Awards and have aired on both National and Prime Cable Networks, including NBC, FOX, CW, MTV, VH1,The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and The Learning Channel.  Recently, 3Ball has piloted several properties scheduled to air in the fall or as mid-season replacements.

Familiar show titles include The Biggest Loser, Age of Love, Beauty and the Geek, Endurance, The Pickup Artist, Unanimous, For Love or Money, and Breaking Bonaduce.  3Ball shows strive to transform lives, whether it’s helping millions of Americans lose weight, inspiring people to make a difference, or taking individuals from different walks of life and revealing how much we all have in common.

The philosophy of 3Ball could be summed up in one word— Passion. Passion in what we do, passion in how we do it, and passion to continually grow as storytellers of diverse and engaging programming.